Saved by Grace (based on themes from Ephesians 2) – worship song and lyrics video

Saved by Grace: the song lyrics are based on themes from Ephesians 2.

Key tools used in constructing this video:

Digital audio workstation:
Cakewalk by BandLab:

Audio processing:
Melodyne 5:

Orchestral instruments:
Spitfire Audio:

Additional guitar effects:
Valhalla Super Massive:
Tube Delay:

Song development and drums:
Band in a box:

Video development:

Lyrics Text:

Saved, saved by grace, I’m saved
Saved because of His great love
Rich in mercy, what a gift from God – I’m
Saved by the grace of God

We’re talking about His love
We’re talking about His life
It is by the gift of God, no man can ever boast
For we are God’s handiwork created for good works

We’re talking about His grace
We’re talking of holiness
I am made alive in Christ, I’m paid for by His blood
Though I once was far away, now I’m near to God

2020 Take48BetaMusic

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