(No music) How to Replace Leaking Washing Machine Water Shutoff Valves – Choosing Valves & Install

Trying to fix a leaking washing machine shutoff valve? You’re not the only one…

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This video walks you through how I chose my new washing machine valves, the process I used to replace the leaking ones, the tools I needed for my project, and the cost for everything. Links to specific video sections, all of the tools, and other helpful websites below! (I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any of these sites/companies – just found them helpful)

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01:18 – Choosing replacement valves
09:04 – How to replace the valves
16:14 – Summary of the process, tools, and cost

Tool Links ——————————————————————

8 in. Husky Crescent Wrench: $11

10 in. Craftsman Crescent Wrench: $16

1/2 in. Thread Seal Tape: $2

Meat Thermometer: $14

12 in. Wood Ruler: $2

Replacement Valves: 2x 1/2 in. American Valve Washing Machine Valves: $11 each = $22

Information Sources —————————————————–

Table for finding the Nominal Pipe Size – Once you have the circumference of the pipe from your string measurement, you’ll need to convert it to diameter to lookup the size on the table (Divide the circumference measurement by 3.14).
2. How to convert circumference to diameter

Thread Basics:

Valve Basics:

Valve Seal Material Types:

Water Hammer Arrestors:

Places to get valves —————————————————————————-

Home Depot:


True Value:


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